A&R Network - Where Artists and Labels Connect

What we are...
A network of A&R scouts that report into a system that is subscribed to by indie record labels, publishers, and music industry professionals.

What we are not…
A guaranteed way to get 'signed.'

Membership Privileges

  • Receive email notification when an A&R Network performance opportunity is scheduled in your area.
  • Get access to 'A&R University.' You'll learn exactly what labels and music industry professionals are looking for in today's emerging artist scene.
  • The A&R Network Newsletter will be delivered monthly to your in-box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the scouts in the A&R Network?
A&R Network scouts come from a variety of backgrounds including, musicians, agents, sound engineers, music mavens, and booking agents. Each scout is hand-picked by A&R Network staff. Scouts are trained to recognize acts/songs that have the best chance at commercial success.

2. Who should join A&R Network?
Any performer, band, or songwriter that would like to achieve commercial success in the music business should join.

3. Is there a fee to join A&R Network?
No. You may join the Network for free.

4. Why should I join A&R Network?
You should join the Network to find out for what A&R scouts are looking, hone your craft to that criteria, and then perform for a scout that could change your life forever.

5. If I perform for a scout, will I get 'signed?'
The only guaranty is that if you perform at an A&R Network sanctioned event, you will be seen by one of our scouts. It is at that scout's discretion whether or not to submit you into the 'system.'

6. Is there a fee to perform for a scout?
There is a $20-fee to perform for a scout.

7. Why do you charge to perform for a scout?
Just like any other business, people must be paid for their professional time. Network overhead and showcase costs are covered by performance fees.

8. I've performed for a scout, now what?
If a record label, artist development company, or other music industry professional is interested in you, they will be in touch. Continue honing your craft.

9. As a songwriter, can I just submit my songs without performing for a scout?
Yes. We provide a 'song submission' form on the site.

10. I'm ready to join, now what?
Click on the 'Get Started' button below.

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