A&R Network - Where Songwriters and Publishers Connect

As a songwriter, you know how hard it is to get your music in front of a publisher.

A&R Network provides a 'filter' system for publishers. All submissions are professionally reviewed. The best songs are presented to our subscribing publishers.

Once you've completed your free registration, you'll be able to either submit songs for review or have them performed for an A&R scout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the scouts in the A&R Network?
A&R Network scouts come from a variety of backgrounds including, musicians, agents, sound engineers, music mavens, and booking agents. Each scout is hand-picked by A&R Network staff. Scouts are trained to recognize acts/songs that have the best chance at commercial success.

2. Who should join A&R Network?
Any performer, band, or songwriter that would like to achieve commercial success in the music business should join.

3. Is there a fee to join A&R Network?
No. You may join the Network for free.

4. Why should I join A&R Network?
You should join the Network to find out for what publishers are looking, hone your craft to that criteria, and then submit your songs for review. It's a great step towards getting your songs published.

5. If I perform for a scout, will I get 'signed?'
The only guarantee is that if you perform at an A&R Network sanctioned event, you will be seen by one of our scouts. It is at that scout's discretion whether or not to submit you into the 'system.' If you submit your song for review online, it will be reviewed by our staff.

6. Is there a fee to perform for a scout?
There is a $20-fee to perform for a scout.

7. Why do you charge to perform for a scout?
Just like any other business, people must be paid for their professional time. Network overhead and showcase costs are covered by performance fees.

8. I've performed for a scout, now what?
If a record label, artist development company, or publisher is interested in you, they will be in touch. Continue honing your craft.

9. As a songwriter, can I just submit my songs without performing for a scout?
Yes. We provide a 'song submission' form on the site.

10. If I elect to have my songs performed for a scout, rather than submitting my songs through the site, can I have somebody else perform?
Yes. You can have somebody else perform your songs. Make sure the scout is aware of the situation prior to taking the stage.

11. I'm ready to join, now what?
Click on the 'Get Started' button below.